Woman Says Her Daughter Tragically Passed Away But ‘Now My Sister Has Used The Same Baby Name’

Losing a child is never easy, especially when you are constantly being reminded of them. A woman was pregnant with twins a few years ago, but unfortunately, only one baby survived. The parents had already given a name to their daughter who had passed away, and cherished it along with the short memories they had.

The woman and her sister had gotten along pretty well growing up but had drifted as the years progressed. The woman had a few issues with her sister specifically in more recent years, as they had gotten into a handful of fights and had many complications between the two of them for a variety of reasons. Their rivalry had only gotten worse when the woman met her now-husband, and all the events that followed within their family since.

For the most part, the issues had been instigated by the sister. Most recently, the two have continued to have problems as the sister decided to name her own baby the same name as the woman’s deceased daughter. Even though the woman was clearly upset about her sister’s decision, their family has sided with the sister.

The mother who lost her daughter went to Reddit on July 24, 2021, to post about her issues with her sister and her sister’s choice of picking the same baby name that she had picked first for her own daughter. The post received plenty of views and comments but has since been locked, leading to OP editing her post to further explain her story, and talk about the final decision she has made regarding the whole situation.

At the beginning of her Reddit post, the woman (the OP) explained that she had changed all of the names listed. She named her son Henry, and her daughter who had passed Daphne. The woman’s sister had instigated their rivalry, specifically after the OP met her current partner. OP and her partner got engaged before her sister did, even though they hadn’t been together for as long as her sister and sister’s partner. After the sister finally got engaged, “she threw an engagement party on the night before my wedding,” OP explained.

The sister was once again upset when OP got pregnant first. “...But when my daughter died she seemed to be a lot nicer,” the woman explained. The sister eventually got pregnant, but kept her child’s name a secret until after she was born. The daughter’s name was Theodora, but would go by the nickname Daphne. Shocked, the woman wrote, “All my family knew and supported her.” She continued, “I got upset and started shouting, asking if it was a cruel prank.” Angry, the sister expressed that OP did not own the name, and the family has since taken the sister’s side. They have called her “petty and cruel,” but OP refuses to apologize.

“I will not be reaching out to any of the family any time soon,” the woman wrote in the post’s edited version. OP also said that her sister always had issues with her. “She always made it known I do not deserve the things I have,” she wrote. Since the sister had always been seen as the “golden child,” the family has stuck by her, leaving OP hurt and frustrated. She concluded, “I have come to terms with it and I no longer feel like I need the negativity in my life.”


What do you think about this Reddit post? Is OP right to be upset that her sister is using her daughter’s name? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your friends and family, too.

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