Most popular international baby names – from Leo in Finland to Elsa in Sweden – Mirror Online

Ever wondered what the most popular baby names around the world are?

For some time now Olivia and Oliver have been the trendiest monikers in the UK.

But other boys’ names topping the charts in England and Wales include Noah and the regal sounding George, Arthur, and Harry.

While Amelia, Isla, Ava, and Mia are among the most popular for girls.

Now, the team at money-saving site have analysed the most common names for newborns around the world, to give potential parents-to-be an idea of current favourites from further afield.

While Finnish parents love the name Leo, Elijah tops the list for those in the US and Mia is well-loved in Germany.


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A spokesperson for said: “Expecting a baby is exciting as is the chance to pick your babies name. It can be a big decision, some parents stick to the status quo, whereas others prefer more traditional or quirky names.

“It is thought that younger parents opt for more modern names, like Roman or Summer. They are also more likely to name their children shorter versions of traditional names, like Tommy and Rosie.

“Whether parents want to call their child a common name, or opt for something a little more usual, we hope they find this rundown inspiring and helpful.”

United States

In the US, Liam and Olivia topped the chart for the most common names. More unusual entries in the top five include Elijah for a boy.

Other names that ranked highly for boys were Noah, Oliver, and William. Common names for girls included Emma, Ava, Charlotte, and Sophia.

Interestingly, Olivia comes second on the Australian names list, but its male alternative Oliver tops the table for boys, with Amelia proving particularly popular for little girls.

Down under is one of the only places where the name Lucas comes in the top for boys. Other names in the top five for boys include Noah, William, and Leo. Girl’s names topping the charts down under include Charlotte, Isla, and Mia.

Popular names differ at the top of the United Kingdom. In Scotland, the most popular names are Jack and Isla.

Noah also makes an appearance in the top boy’s names, alongside James, Leo, and surprise surprise – Oliver. Girls’ names include the ever so popular Olivia, plus Emily, Freya, and Ava.

Elsewhere in the British Isles, Jack still reigns supreme as the most common boy’s name. However, Grace tops the tables over in Ireland for the most popular name for a girl.

Other popular choices for females include the traditional Irish name Fiadh (preannounced Fee-ah), Emily, Sophie, and Ava. Boys in Ireland are most likely to be called James, Noah, Daniel, and Conor.

Heading over to Europe, the most popular names seen in predominantly English-speaking countries still seem consistent. Leo hits the top of the boy’s list, with Oliver sitting in the top five for boy’s names and Olivia and Sofia coming in at the top for girls.

Other more traditional Finnish names hitting the top include Eino, Elias, and Onni for boys and Aino, Pihla, and Aada.

Noah tops the list for newborn German boys, with Mia coming out top for the girls.

The names that are much loved for baby girls currently include Mia, Emilia, Hannah, Emma, and Sofia, with Ben, Matteo, Finn, and Leon proving very popular for boys.

The name Noah tops the charts across a lot of European countries, it is currently the most popular boys name in the Netherlands too.

Girls are most likely to be named Emma, with other popular choices being Julia, Mila, Tess and Sophie. Boy’s names topping the Dutch charts are Sem, Liam, Lucas and Daan.

Traditional Polish spelling proves popular among recently named babies. Julia is the most popular girls name, followed extremely closely by Zuzanna, Zofia, Hanna and Maja.

Antoni is the name most frequently given to baby boys, with other highly used contenders consisting of Jan, Aleksander, Jakub, and Franciszek.

Swedish babies have a high chance of being called William or Alice, due to them being the most popular. Other top name choices include Hugo, Noah, Liam, and Elias for boys. For girls, Elsa, Astrid, Alma, and Selma.

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