25+ beautiful boho baby names for your bohemian bub – Mouths of Mums

So, you’ve got a little one on the way and you think she’ll suit a beautiful boho baby name? We’ve got you. Boho baby names are a little whimsical without being too ‘out-there’. They’re nature-inspired and perfect for your hippy little cherub.

Step aside modern baby names, there’s a new baby name style in town and it’s very laidback and nature-inspired. While classical baby names have their place and popularity, its exciting to see the rise in more alternative boho baby names appear more often.

We’ve gathered our favourite beautiful boho baby names for you to choose from for your whimsical little baby.

Originating in France, the name Clementine means “mild, merciful”. Rising in popularity since the days we used to sing “Oh my darlin’” it’s nice to see this beautiful name making a come-back.

You’ve heard the phrase ‘sage advice’, so it’s no surprise that this girl’s name is of Latin origin meaning “wise”. In the early 1990’s Sage was more of a unisex name, but has forged ahead for girls in more recent years.

Meaning “Willow Tree”, the name Willow is associated with grace and strength. It’s one of the most popular baby names for girls in Australia.

This Scottish name has been popular, particularly within Australia, and especially as a middle name choice. Its meaning is “from the Isle of Skye”.

This nature name is of English Origin, and has been a popular choice for baby boys around the world, but more recently (with the help of Kelly Clarkson naming her newborn daughter, River) it has gained popularity for girls too. Its meaning is “Stream Of Water That Flows To The Sea”.

The name Harper, of English origin, means “harp player”. This name has come charging up the baby names charts with huge popularity. Everyone knows a Harper!

This gorgeous Italian originating name means “moon”. Perfect for a first name, just as Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have named their daughter, it’s also equally perfect as a strong middle name.

Meaning “she who intoxicates” the name Maeve originates from Ireland. It can be shortened to Mae for a little fun too.

Haven is a girl’s name of English origin and means “safe place”. It’s often a choice that parents make instead of naming their daughter Heaven. Both beautiful names for a bouncing baby girl.

The name Jolie is a girl’s name of French origin meaning “pretty”. You probably know this name as the surname of the famous Angelina Jolie, but did you know that Jolie was originally her middle name? Such a beautiful baby girl’s name!

Indie is generally a shortened name for India, or Indigo, and it stands beautifully alone as Indie. Its meaning is “Independent Or Indian”.

This Irish originating name, has the meaning “leader”. It has been a more gender-neutral name in the past, yet is gaining popularity in recent years for girls.

The name Belle is a girl’s name of French origin meaning “beautiful”. It’s such a gorgeous name, and has only positive associations, particularly with one of our favourite Disney princesses being Belle, from Beauty and the Beast.

Seasonal names are so popular, think Summer and Winter, but Autumn definitely takes the leads in popularity. It’s meaning is simply “fall season”.

Gaining super popularity since 2015, Ophelia is a girl’s name with Greek origins meaning “help”.

Lilith is a girl’s name of Assyrian origin meaning “ghost, night monster”, but don’t let that scare you off. Lilith is a beautiful boho name that can be shortened to Lily.

Which beautiful boho baby girl name is your favourite?